The benchmark for a reasonable site.Other than the image still loading, everything is visible and works.

BTW, the image took about 1 minute to upload.

Posted Wed Jul 17 00:41:46 2013

I see a lot of this effect where while the page is half way loaded, the wrong styling is in effect. In this case, at least the text is not black on black while this happens.

AFAIK, no sane use of CSS can lead to this effect. You have to go out of your way to arrange for part of the CSS to load late.

Posted Wed Jul 17 01:16:02 2013

Attack of the web fonts. It's not worth being able to see text unless it's displayed just right.

This is actually a good day for Google Plus; more than 50% of the time trying to load a page results in some kind of SSL timeout problem.

Posted Fri Jul 19 22:18:32 2013

More web fonts. It was really better 2 seconds before this screenshot, when the fixed width font had not yet loaded either, and I was looking at an abstract design of boxes, reminiscent of a 80's video game.

Posted Sun Jul 21 05:02:07 2013

Entire page is completely loaded and functional ... except for the only thing on it I want to read.

Posted Mon Jul 22 15:02:30 2013

Presumably at some point in the next 10 minutes or so, a scrap of text will finally appear on this page. I'll read it in about 1 minute, and move on.

But until then, I get to spend many minutes staring at over-designed social network share buttons and gratuitous images!

Special bonus points: The text turns out to be loaded by javascript, so view source doesn't even let me bypass the crud.

Posted Wed Jul 31 00:06:34 2013